November 2nd, 2021 was a good day for America.

The Democrats pulled out all stops to win the Governess race in Virginia last-night. First they had their candidate lie, repeatedly, about himself, his accomplishments and what was being taught in VA Schools. Then they had their piece of garbage lapdog of an Attorney General, Merrick Garland, attempt to chill parents from speaking out by using their newest tactic and defining American mother and fathers who did, as domestic terrorists. A pretty sick and deranged move, even for Democrats. 

They pulled this Token “See we love black people” talking head out of the mothballs [Obama] and brought in failed GA governor candidate and self proclaimed romance expert, Stacy Abrams aka: Selena Montgomery and even the big little man himself, Sleepy and Poopy Joe Biden, installed President of United States.

While they were perhaps able to rile up their usual base of voluntary plantation residents, a majority of which are the same people they had enslaved decades ago and still seem to own today. So simple minded and easily manipulated are these Voluntary slaves that the DNC and it acolytes deployed this group or morons to help rile them up.

Lincoln Projects White Supremacist Actors

Ironically, one of these White Supremacist actors deployed by the Lincoln Project to stoke the flames of the Democrats loyally owned slave base, was himself…black. For a people that see everything through a racial lens and by skin color, how they managed to miss that little fact is a clear display of how ignorant a party and some people, Americans are dealing with.

By the way, the disgraced Lincoln Project, yeah at least one of its founders is a well known Pedophile who used his position in the organization and politically sphere to troll for minors on Twitter.

So last nights rebuke of these sick people and their anti-American, divisionist policies, was a good day for America. We need to see many more, because under the Democrat party and their regime, you can count on a lot of bad days ahead.