Federal Government uses Mainstream media to try and setup and entrap Trump supporters in facade D.C. Rally.

For weeks the media has been reporting an alleged Trump Supporters rally, supposedly scheduled for September 18th, 2021. The rally, according to the media, was to protest the Federal Governments Venezuela, Russia and China like locking up of it’s “Political dissidents” .

According to one source inside a prominent media provider, DHS utilized an operation Mockingbird 2.0 like media press to try and convince Trump supporters of the legitimacy of a scheduled rally that Trump supporters were completely unaware of. Their is no sign or evidence of an actual organization of the facade rally.

Even President Trump himself advised his follower not to attend, warning that it was a setup.

The Deep State and the Mainstream media are desperate for some event that will distract the American people from the horrendous month of disasters coming our of the White House and Biden Administration. From the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and killing of 13 innocent civilians, 7 of which were just Children, to the US-Mexico boarder crises. They even enlisted the FAA in their attempts to cover up the crises at the boarder. The FAA attempted to “Close Down” airspace near one staging area in Texas so that footage capturing drone from Fox News couldn’t capture the crises and imagery for public viewing.

We are at an inflection point in America and quite possible witnessing an attempted transformation of our nation into a tyrannical socialist – communist government. Stay alert and be prepared.