Biden admin adds 7 innocent children and 3 innocent adults, in Kabul, Afghanistan, to their Murder list.

On September 17th, 2021 the Biden Department of Defense finally admitted that the Kabul Drone strike they were patting themselves on the back about a week ago, actually killed 10 innocent civilians who were not connected to any terrorist group.

Included in the casualties were 7 children and 2 young adults and one adult U.S. Aid worker. This, in addition to the 13 Service members who died only days before, and the Service woman with 4 tours in Afghanistan that was murdered in the United States Capitol by a BLM Activist USCP Officer, brings the total to 24 innocent people murdered by the Biden administration, so far, this year.

But in fairness, it is not solely the fault of Joe Biden. His co-murders include Mark Zuckerberg and facebook,

Jake Dorsey and Twitter, the DNC, the FBI and DHS and an alleged 80 Million American voters, though this is still not only highly disputed but extremely unlikely.

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